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Yellow Battery is specially developed to optimize the battery usage of Android devices. It saves energy and extends standby. In addition, it also saves battery life, so users aren’t forced to replace devices for worn-out batteries anytime soon.

One tap optimization
Yellow battery monitors and analyzes the power consumption of the device, giving warnings and advice on high power consumption points;
Screen A tap on the screen, no more power drainage work in the background.
Power saves energy, prolongs battery life, increases charging speed, protects batteries from overheating.

Smart save mode
W Optimize the use of modules such as WiFi, Bluetooth, screen, etc .;
There will be no additional power consumption for unnecessary use;
Man can be activated manually, continuously or automatically only at certain power levels;
Users users can customize.

Battery status monitor
The yellow battery indicates everything about your battery:
Nant residual energy;
Nant residual use;
স্বাস্থ্য Battery health status;
Battery temperature;
Battery production statistics;
You name it!

Extensive use analysis
The yellow battery tracks and shows the power consumption of each single application and task;
Power users are aware of the detailed use of electricity;
Every single activity (calling, watching videos, playing games, browsing online, etc.) indicates the remaining time to manage with the remaining energy.

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