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WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely

WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely

1.8.4 by Baron Swartz
(0 Reviews) April 08, 2024
WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely

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April 08, 2024
Baron Swartz
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More About WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely

It’s time to ditch the Web 2.0 social networks!

WireMin is a decentralized social network that enables complete freedom of expression and privacy protection. The WireMin Network is purely based on people’s devices and does not rely on any cloud services of giant companies. It provides a superior secure messaging experience by not only concealing your message content with end-to-end encryption but also eliminating the possibility of censorship, surveillance, or data collection.

On WireMin, you can experience a new level of privacy and security:

1. Complete anonymity:
No phone number, email address (or any other personal information) is required to create a WireMin ID.

2. Ultimate private and secure communication:
All messages, contents, identities, and social relationships are end-to-end encrypted.

3. No cloud server/No third-party trackers: No cloud service for user data collection, messages routing, user authentication, or IP tracing.
●Your account is unstoppable: No one can ban your account.
●You take ownership of your data: No one has access to your data.
●You won't be hacked: No central servers/ data storage
●Your IP won’t be traced: WireMin messages are relayed multiple times by random devices before eventually reaching the recipient's device.

4. User-friendly experience and features:
WireMin crypto wallet, end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls, chat groups with no participant limit, file transfer without size limitations, multi-device login, dark and light modes, disappearing messages, and more for you to explore!

More than just an instant messenger or social network, WireMin offers a new level of PRIVACY and SECURITY. On WireMin, free speech and privacy are inevitable, not choices.

Check out more via https://wiremin.org/
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WireMin
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WireMinApp
Terms and Privacy Policies: https://wiremin.org/terms_privacy_policy.html

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