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Realsee VR - 3D Home Scanner

Realsee VR - 3D Home Scanner

3.41.0 by Beike Realsee Technology (HK) Limited
(0 Reviews) April 11, 2024
Realsee VR - 3D Home Scanner Realsee VR - 3D Home Scanner Realsee VR - 3D Home Scanner Realsee VR - 3D Home Scanner Realsee VR - 3D Home Scanner

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April 11, 2024
Beike Realsee Technology (HK) Limited
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More About Realsee VR - 3D Home Scanner

With Realsee VR, users can scan and turn any home, high-rise, hotel, or any physical space into a 3D virtual tour(VR) and a floor plan, which can be viewed, shared or marketed, offering an immersive experience like never before.
Realsee VR is being used across real estate, tourism, construction, interior design, healthcare, digital marketing amongst other industries. Over 200 brands are using Realsee’s products and services including Ke Holdings, Nippon Paint , and Midea Group.

Realsee supports the following capture methods:
1. 360 Camera: Realsee VR works with most commercially available 360 devices, including Ricoh Theta, Insta360 and other devices
2. Mobile Capture: anywhere, anytime, record your surroundings in 3D with your mobile phone
3. Realsee G1 Gimbal: A lightweight gimbal frame offering HD panorama using mobile phone devices
4. Galois 3D laser scanner: Millimeter precision, professional grade scanning

for more information, visit https://realsee.ai/

Realsee Products:
1. 3D Virtual Tour
Realsee allows people to virtually visit properties without leaving their couches and move within the properties by clicking on special hotspots in the interface. With a sharable link, people can walk-through the space, view 3D doll house, check the interactive floorplan and acquire details from enriched property information cards within the 3D tour.

2. 3D Capture solutions
Realsee offers both professional and accessible 3D capturing solutions to create high quality 3D tours.
(1) Realsee Galois 3D camera is an 8K HDR panorama camera that is powered by a Lidar depth sensor and a fisheye lens. As a high-end solution for enterprise customers, the Galois 3D camera can map both indoors and outdoors with a high degree detail. Using RAW data to output an 8K panorama, Realsee’s proprietary 3D camera offers high precision measurements that are accurate down to millimeter level but can also detect objects as far away as 10/25 meters.
(2) Realsee VR app
Based on supervised learning of millions of data and monocular image depth estimation algorithm, Realsee VR APP enables users to create virtual tours with consumer 360 cameras, mobile phones, or mobile phones supported with an affordable gimbal developed by Realsee. The dimensional accuracy is within 1.8% while the image resolution relies on the camera lens.

3. Audio-Guided Tour
Audio-Guided Tours offer recorded spoken commentary. It is like a museum tour, using a narrated 3D virtual tour to walk prospects through the location from start to finish.

4. Live Virtual Tour
Live Virtual Tour enables people to guide others through the 3D virtual tour in real-time. Questions can be answered right away without stepping foot outside.

5. Virtual sales office
We rolled out VR sales offices for new home projects where customers can check out a virtually created or scanned in real life showroom and connect with guiding agents with one click. For example, Chinese top developer Sunac's new home project in Xi'an opened their virtual sales office on Beike platform on February 22, 2020. 1,079 new home units were subscribed with deposit paid within the same day after opening.

6.Open Platform
Realsee offers SDKs and APIs for developers to integrate Realsee into their own workflow and build customized applications on top of captured spaces.

7.Realsee Design Platform
Other than allowing users to manipulate the property structure, select furniture brands, and change walls, ceilings, floors, Realsee Design Platform can highly increase design efficiency with the power of AI.

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