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Xperia 7 keyboard is available for download for your non-Sony Android phone. The Xperia keyboard provides general smart and fast typing functionality. It comes with easy customization options and a fun theme pack. With the ability to resize your keyboard according to Google Voice support for easy typing and fast online search.

You can download the Xperia 7 keyboard by clicking the download button above. You need an Android version of KitKat or higher. Once you have the keyboard installed, go to your phone’s main settings menu. Open the Language and Input submenu. From here, select the “Current Keyboard” entry, then press the “Choose Keyboards” button in this popup. Next, enable the Xperia keyboard using the toggle switch next to it, then press “OK” when prompted.

Using the Xperia 7 keyboard on your phone

The Xperia 7 keyboard app can be a fun feature for users who have used Sony phones in the past. Before you start using the keyboard, it would be a good idea to take a look at all of the different customization options. Head Language input Menu and “Xperia Keyboard” entry in settings.

You’ll find plenty of great customization options on the Xperia-keyboard, the ability to download packs in multiple languages, mute word suggestions, enable gesture input. Even learn the Xperia keyboard from your writing style. You can adjust the height of the keyboard, enable one-handed mode. Or even add a number row at the top of the keyboard.

The Xperia 8 keyboard is the only keyboard that lets you disable the emoji button, which can be titled in the “Symbols and Smiley” menu. The Keyboard Skin section provides the theme for your new keyboard and all you have to do to apply one is simply select it from the list.

Let us know if you like the Xperia keyboard. Which feature did you like? Just type your answer in the comments section below. Try other keyboards as well GBward Which Google has created itself.

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