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Wonderglade APK download

Wonderglade APK download

“Wonderglade is a fun game that takes games into a virtual world full of mini-games. It reminds us how you can use Remote to get out of Nintendo Wii. Gra. Although the graphics were richer here, and things felt more real, Thanks for the feedback. “- AndroidGuis

** Daydream is required to play

Wonderglade Magic teleports you to a growing theme park where you can enjoy carnival-themed classic games and a whole new experience with friends and family like this VR game to make you smile, tilt, spray, span your way through and through all levels To tap into the daydream Motion Controller to add some exciting entertaining moments for you and those who are witnessing. Once inside Wonderglade, you’ll be able to play six mini-games and earn tickets to ride the Wonder Wheels.

Bistro Bashar – go with the Riviera and enjoy the delicacies at the master chef’s table – and then smash everything you brought to that table with a hammer! The more destruction you run, the more tickets you will earn. Sister app!

Hamster Hoops – Play some galactic basketball surrounded by adorable, space hamsters. Throw, swipe and score to the maximum ticket.

Tinder Town – You put yourself in a fireman’s shoe by aiming to scatter cardboard fire waves in a 180-degree city environment and spray water. The more waves you finish the more you stay in the game and the more tickets you can earn.

Magic Mayhem – Destroy as many flying ice crystals as possible with a magic wand. The more time you get in the ice crystals, the more time is wasted, the longer you stay in the game and the more you score and collect tickets.

Tip N Tilt Racing – Race against the clock with ball-shaped creatures in a tilt-board maze. The game features three levels and six creatures to compete with. The sooner you finish the race, the faster the tickets will go down!

Tiny Tea Golf – Play nine mini-golf holes divided into three courses. Use the cannon to avoid obstacles and shoot at the next ball. Each hole has an equal rating, the better their score will play out and the more tickets you can cash in on.

Wonder Wheel – Once you get enough tickets you can spin the Wonder Wheel. By spinning the wheel you unlock new items like mini golf clubs, race animals or fire hoses in mini games.

APK download

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