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Winamp Music Player was one of the most used entertainment software on Windows PC. And now with its Android version, users can easily manage and listen to sharp and clear audio quality music on their mobile phones. The app comes with the ability to sync with its original computer app.

You need to use USB root to connect Winamp mobile to your PC. And once connected you can download all your audio files from computer to your mobile. And play all compatible files via Winamp on your mobile phone. But for it to work, you need the latest Android version to read winamp FAQs.

Download Winamp Music Player

Winamp was generally considered to be the choice of people who liked the quality of high-pitched music with crisp listening. That’s why we let users download a free and secure app. All you have to do to download the file from our secure online servers is click the download button above. The size of the app is also smaller than just 7MB.

Once the download is complete, just install the file and your Winamp music player will be ready to rock the tunes. The best thing is that if you have enough storage on your phone, your entire MP3 music library can be synced between devices. This way you can make your MP3 media portable.

The app comes with two different sizes of standard and convenient widgets. Free music streaming with CDLP – On-Demand streaming of popular album releases. You can browse your library by artist, album, tracks or genre. And for those looking for a full MP4 and MP3 file support, we recommend MX player.

One of the other functional features is that it is not easily compressible and expandable. For those who listen to music while working, the phone will prefer its lock-screen player for an easy scroll without unlocking. Let us know if you liked the app by commenting and rating below.

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