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The official and advanced Wilma app is an equally effective app for teachers, students and parents alike. The upgraded application means quick and easy access to the features you need on a daily basis. Use the app to check your schedule, assignments, lesson notes and more! Receive real-time notifications about new messages and text notes, and read and write messages.
Once you’ve created a user account in the Wilma app, you don’t have to log in to the app individually every time. The easiest way to activate your Wilma account in the new app is to use your mobile to scan the QR code available in the Wilma browser version. Then sort your password and you’re good to go! If you have multiple Wilma accounts, you can collect them in this application. Wilma Accounts All information is available in one place, regardless of city or school.
In some municipalities and organizations, Wilma administrators placed restrictions on Wilma, in which case it is not possible to add a Wilma account to the app.
With the app you can
– Receive real-time notifications about new messages and text notes
– Read and write messages
– See announcement
– Check your schedule
– Check out the course details: Homework, exam dates and lesson notes
– Clear absence
– Notify in advance of absence


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