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WiFi Monitor is a powerful tool that lets you view the status of Wi-Fi networks and collect information about its parameters (signal strength, frequency, connection speed, etc.). It is useful for installing a wireless router, monitoring WiFi usage and checking connected devices. “
• Name (SSID) and Identifier (BSSID)
• Router manufacturer
গতি Connection speed
• Router signal strength
Frequency and channel number
Hotspot protection options
• MAC address and smartphone IP address
Subnet mask, default gateway and DNS address.

The “Networks” tab allows you to compare all available WiFi networks with the following available parameters: type, equipment manufacturer, signal level, security protocol. Access points with the same name (SSID) are grouped together.

The “Channels” tab displays the hotspot signal level depending on its frequencies. Routers using the same frequency provide poor quality of any Wi-Fi connection.

The “power” chart helps to compare the power levels of the available WiFi hotspots and monitor its dynamics. The higher the router signal strength, the better the quality of the connection.

The “Speed” chart displays the actual amount of data transmitted and received on the connected network. This will help track the use of hotspots.

The “Scanning” section performs a search of devices on the connected network and displays its parameters. If you find foreign devices in your wireless infrastructure, block them in the router settings.

http: // signalmon.com/en/wifi-mon demonstration

What’s new?

Background service can be turned off after pressing the ‘Back’ button.
Custom name of available host
Minor bugs fixed.

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