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WhatsApp is a popular cross-platform text messaging application that lets you read and talk using just one data plan. The most popular messenger in the world. WhatsApp is arguably the best chat app app. Key elements of WhatsApp include video and voice calls. Which means you’ll be able to call people in your contacts list who are using this app for free without

The best thing about making it so big is its huge global user base. This eliminates the need for a curriculum plan. Secure Encrypt Messaging enables you to have a secure chat or group chat. Group messaging and its pro tools enable you to easily engage with a large number of people. Voice calling. Supports media attachments.

Note:: People you want to contact must have this application installed and have an effective internet connection.

You can create a group and add as many people as you want. Media shared in groups will be visible to all group members. Another interesting feature is that it has a built-in image compressor that will automatically compress your image to make it easier to share. You can also join groups created by other people when invited to join.

Privacy control, including WhatsApp

WhatsApp has added some of the latest privacy settings for its Android application, such as fingerprint lock. This protection is only enabled on devices with sensors and Android versions with version 6.0 or higher. Go to Account> Privacy and scroll down to set it up. Below, you will find an option to lock. Once enabled you can set the timer at the lock prompt. Users can still answer calls without unlocking and enable or disable preview sender and message text in the message notification bar. All this and more information you can find WhatsApp privacy.

Other important updates include controls that can add you to groups. Instead of adding everyone to a group, you can set it to “My Contacts” or exclude certain contacts from adding you. If you omit this proverb from someone, they may still send you a personal invitation to a group that you may accept or reject.

Finally here is the call waiting feature for WhatsApp. This will enable users to see who is calling them even if they can call. The same users as your standard phone call may receive or reject incoming calls while on another call.

Themes and more settings

Those who chat with WhatsApp for Android late at night get excited. We say this because the latest WhatsApp dark mode has come to admire your vision when you are chatting with your loved one. Although WhatsApp was slow to bring this mode compared to other apps, steps to enable it are here and below.

Go to settings, More options> Settings> Chat> Themes

Once in the theme menu you can select the theme of your choice.

WhatsApp web and desktop services:

Even with the blessing of WhatsApp Messenger chatting on the go, you can still enhance the experience by signing in on a desktop or laptop called WhatsApp web. Just pop a window in your computer browser and scan the QR code. You will instantly log in to the WhatsApp desktop with all the data and chats on your computer screen.

This enables you to stay on top of your chats while doing office work.

Business version

WhatsApp Inc. has been very fancy with future updates to keep Messenger rolling. 4G Internet has added new horizons to the world and the WhatsApp team has made us capital with it. WhatsApp Business Which enables SMEs and e-commerce to improve the type of business and keep hands with their client base.

Here are some features of WhatsApp Business.

  • It allows you to create a business profile with helpful information for customers. Such as field descriptions and contact details.
  • You can put a tab on your clients with business labels and highlight interested customers.
  • Quick Answers enables you to easily engage with customers. Automatic messages will take care of your clients even when you’re away.
  • Statistics can be described as one of the most important features. This will enable you to view client ratios and statistics. Which in turn enables the business to create an appropriate strategy.
  • WhatsApp also provides enterprise solutions for large companies, but this packed option will cost an annual subscription.


So all on WhatsApp The most used chatting application With around 1.5 billion active users worldwide with new entrants on a daily basis. This chat service can be described as more secure than your standard text messages. This is due to end-to-end encryption. Another feature that is in development is WhatsApp Payment. It was planned and is in beta testing. It can become a global cash-free economy game changer if it adopts the right approach.

WhatsApp is a feature pack

Given the quality of the call, and almost every necessary feature such as quick reply and forward option that saves some of our calls, we can say that WhatsApp is an all-in-one thing in a modern communication tool.

The features that WhatsApp offers are unbeatable. This makes this application easy to use and popular all over the world. WhatsApp has become a solid communication platform for enabling people to chat globally and sharing their experiences with families and customers for SMEs. Unlike previous chat apps that lack flexibility and do not meet consumer needs, WhatsApp continues to update and update itself which is why it is popular and popular among the masses. We can say with 100% guarantee that if you are reading this article, you must have used WhatsApp Messenger before or can come.

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