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Walkthrough The Baby in Yellow 2020 APK Download

Walkthrough The Baby in Yellow 2020 APK Download

Yellow in Baby is a terrifying little kids disguised horror game where you have to look after a particularly unexpected baby.

GMT is designed for game jams (although not quite as complete as time) You were a baby in The Baby in Yellow who would rather have to look after a troubled little kid. The game takes place over three chapters and sees you perform simple babysitting tasks such as feeding the baby, changing her nappy and keeping her in bed. However, the baby has a habit of moving away from you, opening the door and it is also partial to some levitation. This is no ordinary child …

Spending about 10 minutes, the lack of a soundtrack (mostly due to the time limit of the jam) is somewhat detrimental to the experience but The Baby in Yellow is a great little horror game that works great to turn a cute little kid into a fantasy.

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