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If you imagine musical notes matching the rhythm game VOEZ, you have reached the right page. The gameplay is subject to change with the difficulty of how fast the notes are and the choice of speed. You can play deadly or hardcore, increasing or decreasing the number of hits to take it to a harder level. A score is given based on the performance of how each note is hit.

The voice will start easy but will expand to the next level once you start progressing. A horizontal line appears at the bottom of the screen with notes matching the melody of the music coming down from the top. As soon as these notes hit the horizontal line, your job is to tap them in a timely manner. With both visual and audible queues to complete the song. Learn more about VOZ in it Link.

Matching VOZ notes on your Android

ViewZ is about matching notes on time. Some notes require only a single tap as they cross the line, some need to be held for a certain period of time as determined by a start and release point, and others need to be switched across the screen. During gameplay, notes travel through different lanes that can land at different points across your line.

These lanes dance to the music of VOZ and move across the screen over time with a beat that has no notes to hit. Either way it can be quite confusing, especially when a note travels and the lanes can change from time to time, forcing you to quickly assess where you need to press at the last minute.

Easy, hard and special has a difficulty arrangement. Which is distinguished by things that have to be played individually for your song preferences in drum-filled and two-handed vocals. When a song ends you will be rewarded with a grade A, B or C You can also try to get a full combo. Or an “all perfect” which occurs when you hit each note at the right time. Good luck with that.

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