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Vacation Hotel Stories APK Download
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Welcome to Vacation Hotel Stories, please enjoy this delicious welcome tea when staff finish your room ready. Have you decided which tour you want to go on today? Or maybe you like to relax in our pool?

Vacation Hotel Stories is a luxurious family hotel full of entertainment and ruggedness, where countless adventures and stories await you, play with the hotel staff, guests organized in their homes and on outdoor trips.

Not just for kids ages 4 to 14, but for kids to enjoy, but this new game expands the universe of saga stories to trigger your imagination and creativity. Creating everyday stories about thrilling adventures in a daily hotel or its outdoor outings.

Discover a huge hotel and tour it

You will manage a three-story hotel with four different rooms, a self-serving restaurant and an outdoor garden with a pool. Welcoming new guests at the reception and taking care of room service.

From the hotel you can go on 4 different tours regardless of the time of year. A tropical beach, a snow track, an amusement park or a mysterious forest.

By controlling the time of day, increasing the chances of different stories, can you prepare guests and their families to sleep in a hotel room, or perhaps you prefer to go on a night trip to a theme park? You fix it!

Create your holiday stories

With so many locations, characters and objects you will never go beyond the concept of your endless story. Have fun telling scary stories around bonfires on a camping night in the forest and then go ski opera to make a snowman, the waiter on the way back to the hotel will prepare a fruit shake when you rest in the pool for your next trip


Activities A large and luxurious hotel full of activities: 3 floors with 4 rooms for exploring various tours, an outdoor garden with a swimming pool, restaurant, reception and bus station.
Enjoy outdoor 4 outdoor tours: a snowy day, a picnic or forest camp, a night party on the beach or trying out the attractions of a theme park.
Play with 24 different characters of all ages representing different roles, hotel staff or guests enjoying their vacation.
Explore hundreds of objects and interactions and discover lots of hidden surprises and privacy. Did you find the water pistol on the beach or in the hotel safe box?

he free game includes 5 positions and 6 characters for you to play unlimited and try out the possibilities of the game. Once confirmed, you will be able to enjoy the remaining positions with a unique purchase, which will unlock 13 positions and 23 characters forever.

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