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UZI Cash APK Download

UZI Cash APK Download

Rules of Management: –

Click the (claim) button after making 20 impressions.

After clicking the Claim button, click on the ad that appears.

After clicking on the ad, it may take you to a website or to the Google Play Store.
🔴 1 ….. If it takes you to the website, you will wait 60 seconds on that website.
🔴2 ….. then it will bring you to the app automatically.

* If the app takes you to the Play Store after clicking on the ad, you will download the app
After downloading the app you will open that app and wait for 10 to 15 seconds
-Then quit this application
Hen then leave this application on your phone for 2-3 hours then delete / uninstall.

Special Note: –

Those who work according to this rule will be paid. Those who do not follow this rule will not be paid.

APK Download

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