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Undead Slayer is your zombie killing RPG game inspired by fights in medieval China. You can customize the main character with different kits and powers to damage your enemies to complete each step. With gameplay it’s a fun action game that touches the screen with great graphics.

If you are a fan of MMORPG games then this game will be your fun addiction. And the best thing about it is the ability to run perfectly on low-end and older phones running Android 2.2 or older so draw your swords and read more to learn more about the Undead Slayer.

Download and play Undead Slayer

To play the game, you must first download it by clicking the download button above. You will not be able to find this game in the Play Store. The controls of Undead Slayer are simple. You tap on the character you want to transfer your character to and he automatically attacks all the enemies he encounters along the way.

You can dodge by double-tapping, activate the skill by tapping on the skill icon, or tap on the screen to attack the power on the undead slayer. Items dropped by enemies are picked up automatically.

Look for those soul stones in the undead slayer when you defeat your enemies. You need a Soul Stone to use the skill, which also throws you the enemies you kill in the game. You can store and use these whenever you need, but you can only keep a maximum of eight Soul Stones.

But sometimes it can be difficult to pick something up in an undead slayer when surrounded by enemies. Will attack enemies first as an automatic response. This can be quite annoying as the items are not picked up in time. So what are you waiting for now to download and rate the game? Checkout Summons d Game

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