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UC Browser for Android gives you the fastest in-one web experience – a great search, browsing, downloading, video, gaming, shopping and social sharing experience! While it has the most essential features of a competing browser, it does not outperform Chrome or Firefox as the best browser. You can try downloading if you are concerned with file size UC Browser Mini.

Nowadays we have apps for almost all surfing needs but a browser is very much needed. In this post we will focus on UC Browser for easy surfing across all web platforms for Android and iOS. Owned and operated by Alibaba, yes it is right the online shopping giant from China. UC Browser launched uninterruptedly in 2004 for availability on all mobile platforms from BlackBerry OS to Symbian. But as time went on its focus was clearly maintained on Android and iOS platforms.

UC Browser for easy surfing

So check out how things work. We’ve downloaded the latest version of UC Browser for the Android platform. Speed ​​was certainly a factor in comparison Chrome For Android. Below are a few of the factors we were able to compile and differentiate when testing the application

Speed ​​factor and pre-loading

The team UCWeb Keep things simple, keep it fast and keep it steady. If you’ve been a Chrome user in the past, you’ll notice the first feature with the UC Browser app that will speed up page loading. The privacy behind this is cloud acceleration and data compression technology that customizes the pages at the top before loading into the browser, so you can open them instantly. You can tell that small steps in applications allow it to speed up loading faster. Fast loading speeds with UC Browser will not only save you time but also compress data packets with data compression technology that will use less internet data and simplify your data planning.

Night mode

If you are a Late Night Surfer, this feature is for you, many apps do not come in inbuilt night mode. But you will have the luxury of night mode while surfing the latest UC browser. Night mode tends to be easier for your eyes when your eyes are already tired while surfing or using your device in low light or after a hard day’s work. To turn on night mode, just click the menu button which will pop up a few options and then click on night mode. Once you click on night mode a brightness tracker will pop up which will enable you to adjust the brightness while in night mode.

500 million downloads for Android

500 million downloads for Android devices is a recent success story that confirms the recent dominance of UC browsers. You may have already downloaded one to your device or are using it to read this article. UC Browser has been spending heavily on promoting and engaging the brand through the Play Store and all other mediums. But it’s a big leg up compared to other applications that offer similar services.

Privacy and data policy

We were able to find a few studies online that tested the UC browser for privacy errors and the doors behind data breaches. Below are some links to recent articles published after the browser leak test.

Privacy and security issues with UC Browser A scorpion squirrel: Privacy and security issues with UC Browser “transmits personally identifiable information and user search queries without encryption.

UC Browser Takes Security, Privacy Risks: Researchers “UC Browser is owned and developed by Alibaba.

Is UC Browser and UC Browser Mini safe? 6 / r / android apps “UC Browser makes phone calls and leaks user data

Important privacy points

Here are some important points raised by different teams in testing the functionality of browsers:

  • Data related to location and user data, including IMSI, IMEI, and nearby cellular towers and Wi-Fi access points are transmitted to Alibaba mapping tools in the Chinese language version.
  • UC Browser transmits personally identifiable customer data and user location data which poses security and privacy risks for users.
  • The user’s data is retained on the device even after clearing the application’s cache.
  • The primary concern is to retain the DNS lookup even after a user has deleted their device cache.
  • The DNS search data record will allow third parties with access to the device to identify a user’s logged-in websites.

In the end it all depends on the users and their mode of work. Go ahead and download the application without considering some of the reasons. People generally prefer functionality over privacy, at least for the time being. UC Browser has been captivating users ever since Symbian devices upgraded their way. The main privacy issues are usually related to the Chinese version of the app which seems to be all over the place.

Download through the link above and see for yourself.

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