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Twilight Pioneers APK Download

Twilight Pioneers APK Download

Tobylite Pioneers, the first person ARPG in the net by VTR. The game emphasizes players in a pre-inspired fantasy world – a world that must save them as a magic-casting and sword-wielding hero! Developed specifically for Google Daydream, Tobelight Pioneers uses the full daylight controller and headset to keep players playing freely from a first-player perspective. Developed by Ity Kay, this game is simply one of the top proposed mobile VR games in broad daylight.

Born from the deepest force in the universe, the Dark Lord has been collecting all the greater evils from each age over time. The magician is Longsia, despite being able to control the dragons’ spirits and stop time, the Dark Lord cannot save him from imprisonment when he realizes that evil is a time traveler. You, the hero, must rescue Longsia, achieve the highest power to summon the dragon spirit, follow the Dark Lord throughout antiquity, and stop his evil plans!

V First Person VR-ARPG | With the only Gint boss
ডাউনলোড Free Download | Only during the day
M Fun VR Experience | Free movement
UL Multi-Weapon Welding | Eastern Fantasy Adventure

● Move: Touch different areas of the touchpad to rotate around. Double click on the touchpad to activate the teleport.
● Battle: Click the application button to switch between different skills and weapons. Hold the application button to reveal your unique skills.

It is recommended to play this game while sitting in a swivel chair or standing in an open space.
Non-Bluetooth headphones are recommended for a better experience.

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