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– Job Manager
– Goal planner
– List created
– Notepad for notes
– Scheduler
– Reminder
– Calendar
– Organizer
– Calculator


– Create lists and goals
– Make a list of tasks, notes and purchases
– Schedule (repeat work)
– Flexible timeline settings for work
– Fast movement of notes to tasks and other lists or targets
– Fast-paced other day’s work
– Perform / delete multiple tasks with one click
– Automatic and manual sorting of lists
– Group lists and goals into categories
– Note and color settings for work
– Set multiple reminders
– Quickly add panels
– Progress towards the goal
– Calculate the amount spent and the time of the goal
– Work without internet connection
– Custom task list widget
– Status bar on the screen of the locked device
– Backup to Google Drive and device

Set goals and reach

If the goal has no function, it is just a dream. A dream is unattainable without movement!

In Todobit, you can create as many as you need. And when there are many goals, you can divide them into sections.
One of Todobit’s goals will always show you its current status:
– How much work has been completed and how much is left.
– How much money and time is needed to solve this and how much has already been spent.
– Visual progress of its achievement.
– Color, timing and more.
But the most important thing is the simplicity and universality of the goal.
In Todobit, targets can be a list (folder) for unprotected tasks, or even a notepad for specific notes, or both.

Fulfill goals with a to-do list

50% of the solution of a properly initiated task. A goal full of tasks is already a plan for its implementation and an important step towards achieving it!

Todobit has a large selection of different tasks: tasks with notes, deadlines and off-schedule, tasks with automatic completion or auto-transfer on any other day, recurring tasks – schedule and many other customization tasks.
Easy to create tasks in Todobit. After all, this process is the most thought-provoking in any situation.
You can add a task to the selected goal. You can add a few tasks to the calendar on certain days at once and then spread them out for specific purposes. You can add a note, and then specify its due date and it will become a task. And these are both a task / annotation and can be pre-selected by several at once.

Plan your calendar

It takes time to solve any problem. When there is a lot of work – need to plan!

Todobit’s case planner is so flexible that almost everything can!
The application considers all the steps of the plan – from the concept to the task at the scheduled time.
In Todobit, you can schedule business for a specific day in the calendar by selecting the desired date and adding a task for that day.
In addition, the deadline for work can be set at any combination of start and end dates and times.
And yet, if you decide that the task is over, what to do: Complete, transfer within the next day, week or month, or leave it on the discount list.

Plan your expenses

An important factor in achieving the goal is the financial cost!

In Todobit you can determine the financial cost of a task. The goal will automatically calculate how much cost has already been realized, and how much will still be.
Moreover, this opportunity can be used not only for planning purposes, but also in completely different situations.
For example, making timely reminders of upcoming purchases or monthly payments.

Together with Todobit your goals will be achievable!

Permission required

– Internet
This permission is required to backup / restore data in Google Drive
This permission is required to back up data to your device
This permission is required to recover data stored on your device

What’s new?

– Advanced tab system
– List creation based on sorting is now automatic
– Each tab now stores its own sorting settings
– Tasks tab added for next 7 days
– A repetitive task can now be created from a simple task
– Fixed bug
– Other improvements
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