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For the first time, the murderous religion allows the rebel user to join the killers like Ezio, Agui, Lar, Shao Jun and many more. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is a kind of RPG game for mobile users that brought you from the murderous world.

Allows experiences from the past lives of various assassins with memories of the past of the animator and play with the character of your choice. You can even awaken a brotherhood to bring together multiple assassins and fight against the Templars and the oppression of Spain. Same as Prince of Persia.

Building a sense of brotherhood:

  • The user will be able to rediscover the legends of the Assassin command in a new light.
  • Create teams with 40 characters so far. These characters now include not only the legendary characters of the past, but also some new characters.
  • In order to elevate your killers to a higher position in the murderous religion rebellion, train them. Strengthen the strength of your brotherhood to fight the Templars.

Managing someone’s headquarters:

  • Build and develop castles for the growth of your brotherhood. It not only enhances the strength of the forts but also enhances the skill of your assassins.
  • Assassin’s Creed Rebellion lets you build houses, new crafts, equipment, resources and medicine for your headquarters.
  • You can collect DNA fragments from all around to unlock many new characters.

Entering Templar forts:

  • Now send your infiltration teams across Spain.
  • Rebellious Killer Religion lets you build a team of perfect heroes to reach your goal.
  • Create your own tactics when your assassins use them to enter Templar forts to thwart their plans.
  • Fight your way in your own way.

Join limited events:

  • With this new game you will be able to discover new settings and different eras of the past.
  • An unlocked new character who has a chance to win additional prizes with special events is rare.
  • Compete on leaderboards against rival teams around the world.

If you manage to rise to the top of the leader-board, you can loot even bigger prizes.

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