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Spin a server on a trip or tap on the system log for breakfast. Terminus is a device that you use every day to connect to a headless or remote system. It is an innovative cross-platform telnet and SSH terminal, designed for Android, iOS and desktop. Termius is the preferred app for managing and managing Unix and Linux systems, be it local machine, remote service, docker container, VM, Raspberry Pi or AWS.
What makes Termias the best free telnet and SSH client?
Cross-platform, the device you use every day is available (also iOS and desktop)
UN Automatic Unix / Linux OS recognition, such as Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, Fedora, Cents, OS X, etc.
Extreme-256 color, VT100 and vanilla terminal type support
FA 2 FA, key and password authentication
Supports T Putty keys
R Built-in RSA / DSA key generator
Import and export keys using an SD card, file manager and email
· Local, Remote and Dynamic (SOCKS) port forwarding
· Zlib Traffic Compression
Native application app with material design
11 great color schemes and adjustable fonts
· Hardware keyboard support
Terminal functions can be determined by vibrations such as physical gestures
Session Easy Session Notification
T Telnet client built
Local terminal with Ash Bash
No ads or banners – never!
Or subscribe to tap tons of extra functionality:
ব্যবহার Use your premium subscriptions on cross-devices, multiple devices Zero-knowledge cloud storage
Sy secure synchronization, your data is available on all your devices: Android, iOS and desktop
Client-side data encryption (AES-256)
SFTP Client and Shell Integrated SFTP Widget
Handy tabs to run multiple sessions in parallel
· Import and export configuration data with / .sh / config migration tools.
Screen Home screen widget for quick access to hosts and active connections
Pattern lock to keep app application data safe
· SSH Key Agent Forwarding
Always stay updated, get the latest version as soon as it’s released
· And much more
See termius.com for more information
Suggest your ideas – servrauditor.uservoice.com/
Crystalnix – Developed by crystalnix.com
Follow us on Twitter: @TarmiusHQ

What’s new?

Termias 2.5.10

New features added:

The terminal automatically
Password Paste the password


Terminal tab context menu
Host Host tag behavior when editing
• Additional keyboard ripple effect

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