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TechNutry is a calorie counter and carb tracker suitable for improving nutrition, gaining weight or losing weight. You can follow the diet with other users and share your pictures, recipes and diet tips! Also, you can use Food Diary to support your low carb and keto diet by easily tracking your net carb usage! Getting healthy has never been so easy and fun! Technutri is easy to use
You can easily track all your cons from water to food. Simply select your food from our large database and Technutri will count the calories for you. You have access to knowledge about diet and workout habits. You don’t even have to access the internet right now to add new food! Works without technology without internet!

Technuti is reliable
We provide you with a detailed plan about your calorie intake and fitness plan. These recommendations are based on your personal data such as age and gender, but based on your motives! Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or improve your nutrition is not considered. The technician gives a suitable recommendation regardless of your suitable purpose. You can track your costs using the workout using the best nutritional information using your calorie and water intake counters and using our many instruction videos.

Technuti is social
The TechNutri fitness app is not just a calorie counter. No, it’s a community. Inspire other users and be inspired by other users. Join the chat group with people who have the same goals and exchange the best tips! If users can upload pictures of their food, take a look at the food feed. You can see the calories in the food and see the ingredients more closely, while they upload another good meal! Make friends and support each other. You are certainly not alone!

TechNutry supports you
Do you already have a nutritionist, friend or personal trainer who can help you achieve your goals? Technuti can be a great complement! We can create better communication between you and them. They can absorb and react to your calorie and water intake. You can even send your customer nutrition data.

TechNutri supports your diet
Are you following a low carb diet? Cato diet? Paleo diet? Or a high fat diet? Or a low protein diet? All of them are supported by our food diary! It controls your daily intake of fats, net carbs, total carbs, protein and fiber and shows you when you exceed the allowable amount.

Technuti is effective

TechNutri has already helped more than 5 million people achieve their goals. Join them and start downloading Technutri!

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