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Super Locker can be used to customize exclusively for you HD, great and elegant personalized lock screen!
Other functions:
Screen Lock Screen: When using the Super Locker product you will see how attractive it is, it is small, fast, highly customizable. So you can keep your favorite image as a password or wallpaper, making your phone more unique.
. News: Super Locker lets you quickly browse the world’s hottest recent news information. News you subscribe to will push you instantly, you can share with friends, they can join in real-time reading and sharing.
• Applock: More and more people are concerned about privacy, the Applock feature of Super Locker always protects the privacy of your apps wherever you are. And the password style can be set to your liking, making you much more unique.
• Countdown Day: Lots of people always forget important dates easily, such as: Birthdays, Anniversary etc. Super Super Locker provides convenient Countdown Day function, when the day comes, there is a notification alert on the lock screen, you can never forget your important date.
Weather: The super locker provides daytime weather temperature data, you can prepare well before your trip, it will draw attention to your temperature change every day.
• Search: Super Locker provides a search portal to allow you to quickly search for your desired content.

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