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Sumner’s War is a turn-based multiplayer online game where you summon animals and creatures to defeat your opponent. When it’s your turn you will attack the opponent and try to absorb the intense attack. Heal your allies while you kill your opponents with special moves and skills.

Each of the monsters of Summers battle possesses a unique skill that allows it to take on various combat roles, such as a tank role, a support role, an attack role and a combination role as more customization develops from the game’s run system.

Playing Summers battle and training your monsters

You start this turn-based RPG combat game with four characters or monsters, each with a unique set of skills and attacks. Your monsters fight in real-time and can be ordered to attack enemies efficiently. Not only that, you have 21 different run sets to pick and choose extra powers for your monsters.

You can play the game in PV or single mode. This game is not just about fights where you can decorate your village and explore the dungeons for looting. Fight PVP battles, expand your collection, train monsters and much more. You can read more about Game Basic

The animals of Sumner’s War represent 5 different elements like fire, water, air, light and arc. And collect as many monsters as you can and gather the greatest team. Conducting expeditions to other bases will give you the necessary resources to climb the ladder.

The latest Sumner Warfare update includes new craft systems that allow you to craft high runs, special buildings, statues and install them wherever you want to make the game more fun and interesting. And if you hit a roadblock to understand how the game works go to the advice forum.

Where you can read the great advice and comments of all the players regarding individual monsters and tactics. Do you enjoy PVP games? Checkout Dragon Mania You may find it interesting while you are here. Download the Simonars Battle by clicking the download button above.

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