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Despite the abundance of different exciting games of all kinds, the good old sudoku will never lose its fans and will always have special needs. If you like puzzle or complex educational games, this app will fit perfectly on your smartphone and will not let your brain cut from laziness and monotony. This app has a lot of advantages, which distinguishes it from the common game of Sudoku:

– Availability of the menu of game statistics, which allows you to track all your achievements at different stages;

– The game has 4 levels of difficulty (easy, simple, tough, very tough) You are new to this business, and rational thinking to help your brain start the first rules of the game after a real workout and your development;

– The user-friendly interface allows two separate keyboards to simultaneously enter values ​​into the room and keep your notes, which will help solve the game’s challenging puzzle;

– The system prompts you to get out of a very complicated situation and checks errors, which prepares you for this Japanese game and gives you the correct value in the selected cell, but be careful, the number of games is limited;

– Support for offline mode lets you play Sudoku online, if you have an active connection to the Internet and without it;

– The level of complexity The “very tough” puzzle contains a total of 17 cells;

– For those who like complex «sudoku puzzles then sells over 50 thousand different works.

This game has implemented a fairly user-friendly interface, the colors prefer the perception of the eye. However, the simplicity of this application is only in its interface, then start the real and most difficult task of the game, so that a good training of the brain is provided to you.

In addition to the user-friendly interface and well-implemented concepts, the application of Sudoku: Training your brain with obvious improvements such as statistical functionality and the presence of two separate keyboards, which makes the gameplay extremely simple is a complex puzzle.

Game Sudoku: Train your brain – it’s a simple interface, intuitive gameplay and nothing more.
Brain training is always required, but not all games develop logic and memory can be of interest to the user for a long time. All the fault of not having a properly organized interface or a really boring idea of ​​the game. However, in the case of games, Sudoku: Train your brain separately, improve the gameplay as well as improvements and other improvements, this application will really like. In Sudoku you can play at any convenient time for you.

Download logic games of various genres, you can go anywhere but Sudoku is really exciting, proven and entertaining game for your smartphone.
Choose tough games, otherwise you’re a big fan of Japanese Sudoku, but this app is exactly what you need

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