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The easiest, most effective workout to build strength, build muscle and burn fat fast. Three exercises, three times a week, 45 minutes per minute. Thousands of people around the world have used the Stronglifts 5 × 5 Workout app to build strength, build muscle and burn fat. All three times a week without training.The Stronglifts 5 × 5 Workout app is like having a personal strength and muscle building coach in your pocket. The app guides you through each Stronglifts 5 × 5 workout. It shows you how each exercise should be done, how much weight, how many sets and much more should be rested with it guessing comes out of your training so you can concentrate on lifting!

Free features
Free download
Simple, easy and intuitive design
The Stronglifts integrates 5 সং 5 workouts
Record weights, sets and reps – no more pens and paper!
Find out which exercises to do and how much to lift each workout
বিকল্প Manually switch anytime from the Auto Options Workout A / B menu
Automatically add weight to each workout, set increments / microloads in settings
Auto-disable / repeat weight if you miss reps or hit a plateau
✔ The timer suggests how long to rest between sets based on the last set
Progress Graphs to see all the progress and your progress for body weight
Work Calendar for weekly and monthly overview of your workouts
Notes or how to workout for tracking support exercises
✔ kg / lb – Set it to first use, switch to settings anytime
✔ Bar setting: Set the weight of your barbell in the settings
Automatically backup to the Cloud, sync to any device
Workout and exercise videos
Log in to Android Dress Up Android!

Get better results with Stronglift Power Pack!
Unlock the Stronglift Power Pack to get access to more features. These will help you save more “brain” work in the gym, allow you to add support exercises to break up the plateau and emphasize specific muscles. Here are all the features that unlock the power pack.

✔ WarmUp set, rep and weight calculator for all exercises
Work Support Work – Unlock help exercises to target body parts like arms, abs, calves
Custom Help – Create your own custom help practice with your own sets and reps
Te Plate Calculator – Break the list of plates to associate with simple graph displays
Break 3 × 5/3 × 3/1 × 3 – break plateau 3 3 5/3 × 3/1 × 3 at once 5 break 5 stops working
Screen Locked Screen Entry: Quickly enter sets from notifications without unlocking your phone
Google Fit: Automatically syncs your workout and body weight with Google Fit
Export your workouts to CSV and view them with Excel for advanced analysis

Note: Power Pack purchases also support the team behind this app and keep the app ad-free. If you find the app helpful, buy the power pack to support us.

Stronglifts are about 5 × 5
Stronglifts 5 × 5 is the most effective, effective exercise to build strength, build muscle and burn fat. 3 full physical compound exercise exercises, 3x / week, 45 exercises per minute. In the first workout you squat, bench and barbell rows. After a day of rest, you do a second workout B – squat, overhead press and deadlift. Start light to focus on the form and build confidence under the bar, then add weight to each workout.

The Stronglifts 5 × 5 app does all the thinking for you so you can concentrate on lifting. You can find more information about Stronglifts 5 × 5 Workout at

– Internet for sending crash reports so that we can improve the application
– Photos / media / files to backup your workouts
– Vibrator for rest timer alarm between sets
– Purchase an app to unlock additional features

If you’re having problems with the Stronglifts 5 × 5 workout app or have suggestions on how to improve it, we’re excited to hear from you! Menu – Just contact us from the app by going to Help. That way we have the information on your phone.

Stronglifts like 5 × 5?
If you like this Stronglifts 5 × 5 app, rate it 5-star and give it +1 so more people can find it. – Mahdi

What’s new?

Bug fix:
* Corrected crash in Google Fit error in v2.4.3

Error correction:
* Adjust progress for assisted dips, chinups, push-ups, pull-ups
* Incorrect weight support exercises (pull-ups, push-ups, dops)
Failed or shown as 3 × 10 instead of 3 × 5
* Change Google Fit messages if you have no internet connection

Any problem, contact us via menu – help. If you like the app, please rate it 5 so more people can find it.
– Mahdi

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