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Speed ​​booster with A App booster To clear memory, master Clean, speed up phones and devices with Smart Booster technology of cleaning.

You have an advanced application to manage your phone’s memory. The speed booster is small in size and very easy to use. However we are sure that it is suitable for your phone and very useful.

🚅 Speed ​​booster with Used to speed up the device and optimize data storage by releasing cache files and junk files from applications to increase the device’s storage capacity.

Connect your smart device to the charger, the app will open automatically without pressure. Clicking on the Optimize button will eliminate the speed booster with slow running applications and reduce the battery life of your phone to increase your battery charge by 30% – 50%.

Battery The main interface displays the amount of battery usage, memory status, and RAM and CPU performance.
Sleep Customizable external settings such as sleep, outdoor or battery storage.
J completely removes junk, frees up internal and external memory, clears the cache.
Speed ​​up your phone by stopping the device from running underground.
াফ Accessibility statistics of Internet networks around the device as a graph. Scans the network access of the access point you are using.
Warn users of potentially risky intrusions and identity theft from LAN devices, so you will be advised. 🔐

With Speed ​​booster BT, Your phone will be protected because the product will help you to detect the application running in the background, save battery and especially protect your phone from the intrusion of strange elements.

Managing and protecting mobile has never been easier and more efficient than it is now!

We have a privacy policy and adhere to the Google Play policy to protect users. Install now to experience the benefits that the app brings you!

Details details For more details and assistance, contact email: [email protected]
Thanks for the support!

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What’s new?

Fix crash bugs, remove permissions, update many features, optimize battery and charge faster

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