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Smart Switch Agent is your gateway for transferring data from your old phone to the new one. Especially if you are a user of Samsung Galaxy series. It is a data backup and transfer application compatible with almost all devices. The Smart Switch mobile app is used to remove contacts, photos and messages from one IOS Device on your new Galaxy phone.

Using smart switch agents to transfer data

PC compatibility enables users to easily transfer data from multiple media to their Samsung Galaxy devices. Setting up desktop applications takes some time, but it’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Users can transfer data via USB cable, Wi-Fi or computer. Choose the method that you feel most comfortable with. As long as you are using Samsung Galaxy S2 or higher phone you will not face any compatibility problem.

Once you set up the PC app, just connect your old phone and the PC app will pop up. Click Backup on PC and it will instantly backup your old phone data. Connect your new phone to the same and select recovery, all your data will be synced to the new device. This recovery point can be reused if needed.

Transfer wirelessly between phones. You need to download the Smart Switch Agent application on both your phones and then connect them to both devices via a similar WiFi connection. This will prompt you to transfer and receive on both devices, respectively. Choose wisely and transfer easily. When the transfer is complete, tap on the new phone and tap Close on the new phone.

Transfer data via USB

Smart Switch Agent is truly a versatile application that has a lot to offer Forms The application universe at the moment. You need a smart switch adapter for this type of data transfer. The adapter comes in a box with the latest Galaxy phones. Simply connect the adapter to the port end of the USB cable and plug the adapter into the new phone. Open the Smart Switch Agent on both phones, click Send Data to the old phone. Receive data on the new Galaxy-Phone tap when both phones are connected via cable. Select the cable in the app and select the data you want to transfer and everything will be done automatically

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