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With the help of smart alarm you can sleep as much as you want, it will wake you up until you get out of bed. Every morning, you don’t have to get up late, go to work or go to school late

How to set up the alarm? We have 4 ways for you:
Mal General: Similar to other default alarms on Android and all you have to do is press a button to turn off the alarm
A Test the math: You need to do the math test, if your answer is correct, the alarm will go off. There are 5 levels of math to choose from easy to difficult.
Shake your phone: You need to shake your phone about 10-50 times to turn off the alarm.
Scan the QR code or bar code: You need to look for a random QR code or bar code and adjust your camera to its side to scan.
A Draw a pattern: You need to draw a pattern following the pattern in the sample. If you draw correctly, the alarm will go off. Note that this function is only included in the premium version.
A Input a text: You need to input exactly one random word with 8 symbols. Note that this function is only included in the premium version.

You can create an alarm with advanced functions:
Set the right time for the alarm alarm.
Choose a few days a week to repeat the repeat alarm.
Alar Set up the name for the alarm.
Choose the word for the alarm or a song of your choice from your ringtone list.
Adjust the volume of the alarm.
Choose the types of vibrations for the alarm.
Again set the time for alarming again.
Choose ways to turn off the alarm.
Check the alarm in advance

The Smart Alarm app is a combination of all the fun you are looking for with a simple, beautiful interface and ease of use.

A premium version without ads and with all the upgrade functions to really help the developer to enjoy this app as well. If you want, you can buy it.

If you have any questions about the recommendations, please send me an email, I will assist you.

Your 5-star rating will support us to create and develop more and more best free apps in the future.

What’s new?

Solve Puzzle to Alarm Alarm (Premium Edition)
Alarm Hold down the button to turn off the alarm
Alar Set to open the application when the alarm goes off
Performance enhancement and bug fixes

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