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Please note that this is a beta version of the Learning App
It is still being tested before its official release. As such, if you have any technical issues, please contact us at

Shikho is a Bangladeshi education technology company that builds the future of post-school education and is on a mission to democratize high quality education.

The goal of our world-class mobile learning application is to make learning, engaging, personalized and effective. The way we learn Bangladesh today, we want to make a revolution!

The Learn Learning app is specifically designed for the Bangladeshi national curriculum and will eventually cover a wide range of subjects for JSC, SSC and HSC curricula and exams.

Shikho’s original video content combines expert trainers and compelling animations to simplify and break down complex ideas and theories. The initial release of the application includes a complete exam preparation course for the SSC General Maths syllabus.

Application Features:
The application with high 122+ videos (700+ minutes) for The SSC General Math curriculum contains high quality collection of NCTB specific educational materials
✔ All content is organized according to the chapters in the NCTB syllabus
Lessons use creative production and animation techniques to make learning life easier and more enjoyable
700 700+ Lessons Specific smart notes and 1,000+ diagrams complement all video lessons and organize all important text-based learning resources
Users can access a large library of over 3,000+ questions and detailed solutions for practice, testing and testing purposes.
Timely chapter tests, model tests and board papers allow users access to all the materials needed to prepare for the test
A real-time performance dashboard and various achievement badges allow users to monitor and track progress

Application Features:
The app contains 122+ (800+ minutes) high quality ninth-tenth grade general math video lectures in light of the NCTB syllabus.
All materials are arranged in chapters according to the All National Curriculum.
Video lessons created through creative presentations and animations will enrich the knowledge of any subject, making it easier to learn and more enjoyable.
✔ 800+ text-based smart notes and 1000+ perfect illustrations not only complement video lessons, but also accurately present important information in the book.
Customers get over 3000 questions and solutions with correct explanations to prove themselves through practice practice and testing.
School Prepare yourself more for school and board exams.
Real Time Performance Dashboard is checking your progress and all badges are interesting according to progress and achievement.

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