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SharkID is a social networking application that updates your contacts. Your contact list will be automatically updated when your friends change their work / address / number. Which means there are no more dead acquaintances or duplicate acquaintances S Sharkid is a true social networking app that pops up smart caller IDs for unknown numbers with your mutual friends and also lists them in the recent list with contact list, isn’t it great? ?

Feature highlights

Find out who saved your number
St Delete your number from an unknown phonebook
জানেন Know who is calling on the calling ID and with mutual friends list
Claim Aw Great Sharkid and get your 12 digit mobile number which is related to your personality like James 700, Tomhunt, Hickey etc.
Ever you never need to backup your phonebook again
Forget names – search by age, gender, city, hobby, sport, occupation, organization, etc.
Single single click call, sms, email, whatsapp, fb, tweet and much more
Acquire Biz cards for acquaintances and personal cards for friends
Group Join / create groups and publish directories such as peers, family, college, etc.
Already connect to 35 million Indian mobile numbers on Sharkid already
Mobile If you want to share mobile number / email id, share your shark id through social media
Remove dead contacts, merge fake contacts
Shar Now earn cash / points whenever you call from Shark ID.
Phone WhatsApp messages do not save contacts to your phonebook

As of February, 2018, Shark ID has more than 35 million mobile numbers listed. In the last 11 months we are growing 1 lakh new numbers every day. When you call someone using Shark ID, you not only know their name but also how many of your friends know the friend you want to call. With SharkID, no one is a stranger. The way it works is;

You have 500 friends, each of whom has 500 contacts in the 2nd degree, i.e. 250,000 contacts. Each of your 2nd degree contacts has 500 contacts, meaning you have millions of friends in your 3rd degree network. * Now you can earn cash / points whenever you call from SharkID. Some of the key features of the sharkid are;

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What’s new?

Registration Increase the registration process
Block contacts
Missed call verification of mobile number for faster registration
Corporate card
You can now create your company template from the web, add multiple contact details, invite employees, and create business cards that are verified by the company once verified.
Enhance Bug fixes and enhance performance

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