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Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery APK Download

Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery APK Download

A fantastic hidden object game!

Seekers Notes is an interesting mystery game that will make you fascinated with beautiful places, charismatic characters and a fascinating story! This is an adventure game where you must find the hidden objects and also try your hand at the free puzzle presented as a minigam-style brain teaser: Treasure Box Puzzle for Match-3 Lovers, Dynamic Haunted Lights Puzzle, a new logic game for those looking Challenges, an immersive brain game in the form of ancient cards, as well as mosaic jigsaw puzzles. Adventure is calling your name, Sikar!

What awaits you in Secret Notes:

– A free hidden object game with fantastic graphics, striking characters and picturesque locations
– Free updates: new quests, amazing locations and unique rewards every month
-Translation Story: Thrilling Adventures, a Secret Mystery and Incredible Plot Twist
– an adventure game with jigsaw puzzles and magic puzzles, random puzzles and brain teasers
– More than 8,700 exciting searches
– More than 1050 amazing collections
– Enchanting music that will immerse you in the mysterious atmosphere of the game
– Create unique items with the help of Fortune Tailor, Blacksmith and Inventor
– Trade useful items with Darkwood residents
– Eliminate dangerous monsters and plaque magical creatures
– Join the guilds and play with your friends!
We are already 5 years old! Thank you for being with us!
Seekers Notes is a free game, but some game elements can be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use app purchases, please disable them in your device’s settings.

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By one wonderful fortune, you find yourself in the cursed hidden city of Darkwood surrounded by a ghostly mustache, all alone, with no memories, but a wonderful gift for finding hidden objects. Now you finder! Use your gift for good: find hidden treasures scattered throughout the city, solve puzzles, search for exciting games to unlock hidden secrets, help city dwellers fight monsters, investigate a secret society, and curse Darkwood. Protect from! Join the fight against evil in this free Hidden Object game!

This exciting Hidden Object game will entertain you for hours! Mysteries and adventures await you where you can find colorful objects in different places. Your goal is to solve magic puzzles and find hidden objects, but beware of cursing tactics! Prove your wits and look for hidden objects that are hidden in shapeshift or dark. Put together jigsaw pieces to reveal hidden city locations. This is a real brain game!

Deceptive inconsistencies are waiting for you at every step of this free puzzle game. Stand in your way and try to find a hidden object with a gargoyle! But gather your courage – with an arsenal of useful tools, finding hidden things will not be difficult. And you can always take a break from earning by always looking for a lot of free puzzles.

Darkwood has many interesting locations: from the headquarters of a secret agency to the flowering garden. Find hidden treasures in the guise of a grimlin or in a mirror! Solve jigsaw puzzles to see multiple interesting places!

Mystery game searches will keep you on your toes! Can you find the lightning of Zeus or the hammer of the Titans? Choose a search and challenge yourself!

Fighting the curse is the true test of rationality. Each quest in this free puzzle game means a new plot twist, new puzzle and more secrets. Where did the curse come from? How can you get rid of this? Complete searches, search for hidden objects, and find out if Darkwood’s hidden secrets will be revealed to you!

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