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Hadith is the book where we can find the words and practical implementation of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and of course provide guidance to the whole of humanity for the establishment of a prosperous and ideal social welfare society. For centuries, people around the world have been trying to explain these books in detail and gain more knowledge, principles, and guidance, and have benefited from this wealth.
Continuing this journey of seeking knowledge we present the ‘Search Hadith’ application which makes the research surprisingly easy and intelligently designed for editing and guiding in the easiest way from Hadith.
This application will allow users to search for any specific topic, word in the hadith and the application will bring the results of the blink of an eye with complete references from the hadith book. Not only this, with the help of this user can easily browse for complete directions. The words or topics that are searched for will be automatically highlighted in the search results and will also provide reference numbers for memorizing future references.
In addition, when a user conducts a search, the application displays the results along with the relevant hadith and the option to download the audio of that particular hadith along with the recitation and desired translation. Search results have an option to translate from Urdu to English. S Key Features:

Urdu Search in Urdu and English.
Search for words and topics.
Arabic See translation in Arabic, Urdu and English.
Ravi Search by name.
H Search by hadith number.
Book has got complete references like book name, chapter name, hadith number etc.
ফলাফল Search results appear within seconds.
Audio Download audio (feature coming soon).
Urdu Switch translation between Urdu and English.
A complete database of H Hadith, including any downloaded audio stored on the device for offline access.

The desktop version of the Hadith app has been acclaimed for searching in different parts of the world, and Pakistan’s top media houses have made headlines, with more than 1.45 million downloads and thousands of CDs reaching knowledge seekers. Now the mobile version is available for free to download in Hadith and to seek guidance and research.
It should be noted that the developers of this application have been developing for several months and have taken special care to ensure that the sacred texts in the Holy Scriptures are properly preserved and displayed properly, but if any errors are still found we kindly encourage you to do so immediately. Contact us so we can quickly modify and update the application.

About RIEI
All praise is due to Almighty Allah who is the Creator of this universe and who has given us realization and bestowal on us to be grateful and grateful for His innumerable blessings.
As Chairman and CEO of Raj International Educational Institution (RIII), I am grateful that I have been able to create this platform for people to learn and enlighten in the light of the Qur’an through easy access.
RIII is a registered trust that runs schools and vocational centers across various cities in Pakistan and helps women / girls in particular to learn for free and as a torchbearer in a healthy and educated society. RIII does not take any donations or grants but I personally manage it on behalf of the people of my country and for love.
I dedicate this organization to my mother Raj Bibi and pray that Allah accept these small efforts for the benefit of others and shower His grace on my mother’s soul. I urge everyone to pray for my mother and spread the message of education, love and humanity.

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