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Screen Recorder is useful for recording all activities performed on the user’s device. With the app, users can create video clips of whatever they want on their device. This application even allows users to create custom files like GIFs or tutorials with a single touch of the screen.

As for the recording limit, there is nothing. This means that a user of the screen recorder application can keep the app running all day long because they have enough memory on their phone. In addition to recording movement on the device’s screen, the application records the sites that a user visits or their recorded videos, as well as the exact locations on the screen that were pressed.

This amazing tool of an application allows its users to get the delayed startup option. This startup option allows users to avoid saving anything they don’t want to include in their recordings and to set up how and when to start recording. As for the end of a recording, it’s pretty simple. A simple shaking of the screen of the device or locking the screen can end the recording.

After recording a video, users can use the application’s editing tool to crop their recorded video. From recorded videos, users can create GIFs. Share your recorded screens YouTube Facebook and as well.

Key features of the screen recorder

Below are some key features of the app.

  • There is no limit to the recording.
  • Audio recording.
  • These are an Android Metallic application.
  • Lets touch the screen when recording a video.
  • Shaking or switching off the phone to stop recording.
  • Possibility of video recording with delayed start.
  • Adding a banner in the middle of the recording (feature available in Pro version).

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