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Smart Switch gives you the freedom to remove your contacts, music, photos, calendars, text messages, device settings and much more on the newly introduced Galaxy device. Also, Smart Switch helps you find your favorite apps or offer similar apps on Google Play.

Who can transfer?
Owner of • Android
– Wireless Transfer: Android 4.0.0 or higher
– Wireless transfer from a compatible Android device to a Galaxy device: Android 4.0.0 or higher (Note that a number of devices less than the non-Android version .0.0 can only connect to Galaxy devices that support a mobile API. )
– Wired Transfer: Android 4.3 or higher, charger cable and a USB connector

™ iOS ™ Owner – Use the option that works best for you:
– Wired transfer from your iOS device to your Galaxy: iOS 5.0 or higher, iOS device cable (lightning or 30-pin), and a USB connector
– Import from iCloud iOS: iOS 4.2.1 or higher and Apple ID
– Transfer PC / Mac using iTunes Smart: Smart Switch PC / Mac Software – Get Started

বের BlackBerry ™ Owners
– Wireless Transfer: BlackBerry OS 7 or 10 (Mobile AP)
– Wired transfer from your BlackBerry device to your Galaxy: BlackBerry OS 7 or 10 for transfer via USB connector

™ Windows 7 mobile owners
– Wireless Transfer: Windows OS 10
* Note: For more information and step-by-step directions, visit

What can be transferred?
– Contacts, calendar (device content only), messages, photos, music (DRM free content only, not supported for iCloud), videos (DRM free content only), call logs, memos, alarms, Wi-Fi, wallpapers, documents, Application data (Cable Galaxy device), Home layout (Cable Galaxy device)
– You can send application data and home layouts by upgrading the Galaxy device to MOS (Galaxy S or higher).

Which devices are supported?
Galaxy: Recent Galaxy mobile devices and tablets (from Galaxy S2)
* Note: For Galaxy S2, older OS (GB / ICS) version may cause incompatibility. If your S2 does not work properly, please try again after the firmware update.

Other Android devices:
– HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, Pentech, Panasonic, Kaysera, NEC, Sharp, Fujitsu, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, Coolpad (DazenF2), RIM (Priv), YotaFi9, , Gionee, Lava, Myphone (My28), Cherry Mobile, Google (Pixel / Pixel 2)

* Note: Due to compatibility between devices, it may not be possible to install and use smart switches on certain devices.
1. To transfer data, both devices must have at least 500 MB of free space in their internal memory.
2. If you’re using a wired connection, your device needs to support the ‘Transferring Media Files (MTP)’ USB option to transfer content.
3. If you have a non-Samsung device that disconnects from the regular wireless network, go to Advanced Wi-Fi on your device, turn off the “Start Wi-Fi” and “Disconnect low Wi-Fi signal” options and try Again.
(The options described above are not available depending on your device manufacturer and OS version))

※ Application permission
The following permissions are required for the application service.
[Required permission]
. Phone: Used to confirm your phone number
. Call Log: Used to transfer call log data
. Contacts: Used to transfer contact data
. Calendar: Used to transfer calendar data
. SMS: Used to transfer SMS data
. Storage: Used to store files needed for data transfer
. Microphone: Used for high-frequency audio when searching for Galaxy devices.
. Location: Used to connect Galaxy devices using Bluetooth.

If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, update the software to configure application permissions.
Previously granted permissions can be reset in the Applications menu in Device Settings after the software update.

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