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An easy-to-use data manager and privacy assistant, just for Samsung.
Save data to your favorite apps
Scan for app privacy risks and protect your privacy
Manage your applicationsSave mobile data. Protect your privacy. Get updates, alerts, stats and tips about what your apps are doing and how to handle them.

The clock MoreListen More, And browse More Without worrying about your data plan or your personal privacy – Samsung Max gave you both storage and privacy protection covered

The most effective way to expand your data plan and save money is to spend on your data. Track and control the data usage of your applications on mobile and Wi-Fi, or simply block background data and data access for any application. Samsung Max advises you when the app receives an aggressive amount of background data and gives you control to allow or block access.

Samsung Max offers foreground data storage / data compression services and background data management Increase your time Run fast on all of your apps except your mobile app – perfect for storing data every day, maximizing travel time, or when your network is in bad shape.
Preservation reports – View and reduce the data that your applications are using Turns on data storage – To save your data and money.
Manage apps Limit or limit their mobile and Wi-Fi data costs to save money. It’s simple, the Samsung Max will alert you to applications using excessive background data.
Wi-Fi protection – Use Samsung Max’s super-secure and encrypted connections while on public Wi-Fi to make sure your personal information is protected.
INCOGNITO – Disguise all your applications to prevent targeted ads and data snoopers from tracking you. Get those tracking agencies off your trail.
• Found Privacy Report To better manage both your privacy between apps and network connections.
Ultra APS Will save data, protect your privacy, and give you stronger control over your favorite social networks and destinations experience without compromising your mobile data plan or compromising your privacy. Ultra applications are advanced web applications that load the mobile website version of your favorite services, but they are optimized by Samsung Max’s cloud technology.
Improve WI-FI Connectivity in crowded Wi-Fi hotspots or weak signal areas

How it works
Enabling data saving mode or privacy mode compresses and encrypts Samsung Max’s servers before all of your network traffic from your applications reaches your Android device. A bank-grade, secure network connection means your personal information is protected while you’re on public Wi-Fi, and Max’s data storage cloud means data usage as efficiently as possible.

Premium mode
To support the most advanced and free data storage service and powerful secure Wi-Fi and privacy protection services, Samsung Max shows ads to keep the service free.

There is an option to control your advertising experience. You can choose to see ads in the app or enable premium mode, which gives you access to powerful app management features and unlimited access to storage and privacy services. In return, it only shows you ads on the Samsung lock screen when your device is charged. Choose how you want your ads to appear and enjoy Samsung’s powerful and free data storage and privacy protection services.

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What’s new?

* New Samsung Max UI design
* New app management features
* New premium mode features
* Save data traffic with Facebook Ultra feature
* Lots of corrections and durability improvements

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