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Looking for exploration adventure and puzzle games on your Android phone? Samorost 3 Demo The answer to this game is to find the answer to all the puzzles you explore. With a combination of colorful challenges, animals and surprises for discovery you will travel across space in nine unique worlds.

All of these have been enlivened by beautiful artwork, sound and music. You will definitely be stuck in this unique game offering great graphics and an interesting storyline. When you first start playing this game you will be amazed at the uniqueness of the characters that come straight out of the fantasy of the texture of the imagination.

Playing the Samorost 3 demo

In Samorost 3 demo gameplay you will take the character of an intriguing space genome. Who uses the powers of a magic flute to travel around the world in search of its mysterious source and to meet new creatures. You will have the option to jump into 9 different universes.

Your goal will be to explore these and meet new animals. The game has great artwork backed by some great magical music that enlivens the gameplay. You make your mysterious discoveries even more fun as you advance into different space regions by playing the flute.

Just like a puzzle game Minecraft Problems will arise for which you need to find optimal solutions to move forward. You can zoom in and out or move across the screen to see the whole scene. You will start on your home planet in the Samorost 3 demo.

From here you will observe all the rocks in the neighborhood with your binoculars. You need to follow the hints raised and use your flute to get to that planet. Once there you will have to solve puzzles with new creatures living on the planet. Use your flute to explore the space and enjoy.

The Samorost 3 demo comes in several payable variants. The cosmic version of it costs up to বেস 23, the basic version is আপনার 20 for you and the demo version is free. To download the demo version of the game just click on the download button above and it will be downloaded for free. Or buy game visits Steam power You will be able to find the Cosmic and Basic version here.

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