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Safe Vault: Hide Photos Videos & Secure Gallery APK Download

Safe Vault: Hide Photos Videos & Secure Gallery APK Download

Advanced Secure Vault app lets you hide photos, hide videos, hide photos.

The Safe Photos Video Vault app hides your hidden media from the gallery to protect your phone and privacy, giving you the opportunity to view your hidden files with a hard pin lock screen that looks like a calculator, so your photos and videos will always be safe in this protected gallery app.

Best features:

Calculator mode: If you activate the calculator mode application, it will replace itself as a calculator application. The application icon will change to the calculator icon and the lock screen will look like the calculator screen. To see your hidden photos and videos you need to type your password in your calculator and touch the equal button.

R Intruder Selfie: Some intruders may want to see your personal photos, videos, photos. Our advanced secure vault app takes shots when the intruder tries the password. So you can thank all your intruders for the ugly selfies.

👀 Quick escape (as opposed to closing): Sometimes favorite eyes try to see your screen to see your hidden photos and videos. This secure gallery app lets you close the app very quickly. Just reverse the phone to close the safe vault.

🧛 Fake password: If someone notices the Safe Vault app and forces you to show your personal photos and videos, just type in your fake password. That way, the Safe Vault app will display a blank album. Once the danger is gone you can access all your secret media using the original password.

📲 Fake app icons: You can change the app icon like a music, weather or calculator into a separate app to confuse intruders.

Fingerprint: If your device supports fingerprint, you can use fingerprint instead of pin lock screen.
How to enter password on calculator screen?
Just type in your password and touch the “=” button.

I forgot my password, what can I do?
After a few attempts the recovery answer screen will open. If you remember the answer to your recovery, you can recover your password. Or contact us.

How do I export my photos or videos back to the gallery?
Choose the media you want and touch the Export button.

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