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Bismillahir Rahman Rahmanir Rahim is nothing about the improvement of APK:

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil’Alamin. As part of our commitment to serving our dear brothers and sisters and contributing to the Al-Quran Learning APP Suite, we are again improving this app with some new designs and user experience.

Please let us know if any application hiccups or bugs and we always try to contact you to improve Al Quran APP, Barakallah Fiq.

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Obarakatuh

Quran Cordoba V2.0 is a free Quran application with colorful Tajweed and Rasam Usmani fonts. We’ve developed the previous version specifically for you with new designs and worship tools:

– Tajweed with Quran 604 pages
– 45 different forms of recitation, murtal or mujwawade
– Tafsir al-Maisar, a simple and concise translation of the Qur’an

The content of this application is taken from the best seller Koran Cordoba Amazing 101-in-1 Indonesian and Malaysian printed version ext.

Note: If you found or emailed errors while updating or installing the app, please note in the notes below [email protected] We try to serve you better and try to resolve all possible errors as soon as possible.

See our next Quran Cordoba improvement for all our Muslim brothers and sisters! Sincerely pray for our efforts so that it becomes our Amal Jariya, Amin …

God bless you

Wasalamu Alekum Warahmatullah Obarakatuh

What’s new?

New update:
– New layout
– New Arabic sector image
– New UI and experienced

– The update will delete your previous bookmarks

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