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It’s a fast-paced text editor that we believe should be “a good writing experience”. Became an authentic writer Short and it allows you to write at any time to the content of your heart for fear of losing your content again.

With authentic author lines and paragraph spacing features, your lesson will be clearer and more comfortable. Not only that, it has smooth scrolling, swipe-to-fall-keyboard and many more interesting features.

Simplicity is a hidden complication. You can encrypt your work with your fingerprint, start or stop typing whenever you want, and quickly share your content with other applications – we’ve got you covered.

Most importantly, You will never lose your job when you use this text editor unless you manually delete it. Whether it’s an accidental deletion or an unexpected shutdown, you’ll still be able to recover it from history.

When you are satisfied with your content, you can select the share button in the top right corner of the screen and send it somewhere else or start a new article.

You can now clear this page and start typing with the clear button in the top right corner of this screen. If you accidentally delete something, you will be able to recover it from the history record.

We value your work and hope you enjoy using authentic authors.

Authentic author – defensive mechanism

The author’s current defense is:

1. Content is changed once the article is saved. If this fails, the authentic author will notify the user immediately.

2. Authentic authors will check if your content is stored in the database every two seconds. If this fails, the authentic author will notify the user immediately.

3. If it fails to auto-save, users will not be able to exit the app completely. Pressing the exit button at this point is equivalent to pressing the home button without closing the application completely. This will give the user some time to manually save their content.

4. Every time the application is running in the background or exited, any content edited will automatically back up the entire database. The backup file can be accessed at any time. Users will be saved with the previous version of the backup to restore the backup.

5. Record history, undo, and redo each feature article

Accident. There is a trace folder to prevent accidental deletion of articles.

Cloud. Cloud Backup: If Authentic Author integrates with WebDAV, it will automatically back up all database content, including articles in the cloud.

Privacy Policy:

What’s new?

* Super fast start! Now it is very fast
* Fix timemachine shortcuts not working
* Adjust the scroll to hide the top bar (see it in settings)

* New setting: Markdown as default mode for new articles
* Add paragraph spacing setting
* Support focus on content after pressing Enter key in the title
Authentic author desktop support

* Adapt Android 10 Edge on Edge
* Custom font settings

* Material design 2 setting
Dropbox support
* Dark mode

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