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The Prince of Persia Shadow and Flame platform game was released in 1993 and now you can enjoy it on your phone. The new Android version of the running game has improved challenges and graphics. The prince who was born continues to roam. Now he must embark on an epic journey in search of his past that will give him a new definition of the future.

The game provides a story mode but has a world map through which you can replay any level. But first you have to finish all the levels. Clearing all the stages one by one is fun for any Persian fan. The game starts with learning how to play. Including jumps, rolling skills, attack and defense modes.

Prince of the shadows and flames of Persia

Prince of Persia Shadow and Flame has a total of 14 levels and five separate environments. Like the original game, you’ll see conventional roadblocks, while new enemies await you in the game with floating skulls, skeletons and sultanates guards. From front and back you have to fight multiple enemies simultaneously.

The prince runs, jumps, climbs and docks while avoiding obstacles on the way to the destination. The beauty of this game is the way the puzzle. You have to find your route carefully, otherwise you could fall into a trap or fall off a wall. So if you are playing this game for the first time, you may have to walk a difficult path.

Hidden treasures and potions will help you along the way but you will have to uncover them or defeat the enemies and conquer them. The mixture will increase energy and complement health, while the treasury will enable you to buy new things. Fighting combo as well as various swords. You can spend some money to buy swords and combos.

There are several achievements in the game, like the blood on your hands (which you defeat the guards of the three palaces); Great escape etc., which you can share on Facebook. You can login to Facebook to check the leaderboard. You can choose gesture-based touch controls or virtual joysticks to play the game.

This is just a fun game Nova 3 Or any other FPS game in its own vintage runner game genre. Click on the download button above to start the download to download the game. Let us know the new techniques and combos in the section in the comments below to all fans of Persian Shadow and Flame. Read more about POP inheritance Here.

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