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PJ Masks: Racing Heroes APK Download

PJ Masks: Racing Heroes APK Download

Race with Catboy, Olet and Gecko in this thrilling lunar adventure! That night villains Luna Girl and Romeo want the moon crystals to increase their power – you can stop them! Climb PJ Rovers and Race across the moon to recover as many crystals as possible. But keep an eye out – there are obstacles at every turn to challenge you. This is your chance to be a hero – just like PJ masks. . .

PJ Masks, we’re gone! To save the night, to save the day!

Choose your favorite PJ Masks character
P Collect gold moon crystals to upgrade your PJ rover
Pickup power cells to activate amulet power
Drive on boost pads for extra extra speed
Power Stay on the holo-platform for extra power cells
Watch out for Luna Girl’s Munfizal Ball and Romeo’s Compressed Beam
The PJ Rovers compete across the Moon Plain as you challenge the villains
The HQ rocket flew across the moon.
Earn rewards and unlock new skills and levels

Character Power-UPS
Collect power cells and trigger PJ mask superpowers:
Catboy – He can go at super cat speeds, faster than other heroes
• Olet – He can see more crystals with his Super Owl eyes and attract them magnetically
Gecko – He can disappear with his super Gecko camouflage and overcome obstacles

There are more than 35 levels to compete in, with each ending being different:
The race is over with JPJ masks!
L Luna Girl, Romeo and Romeo’s fight against the robots
L Chase a villain through lunar valleys, plains and tunnels
Follow your colleague PJ Mask to navigate through meteor showers, rock fields and crystal traps
Pilot the HQ rocket through the ter asteroid field

Safe and ad-free
Trusted by millions of families around the world, PJ Masks: Racing Heroes gives parents peace of mind with:
Ch Age-appropriate materials for pre-coolers
Safe A safe and secure environment: no ads!

PJ masks
PJ Mask is a big favorite with families around the world. Together the trio of heroes – Catboy, Olet and Gecko – enter into action-packed adventures, solving mysteries and learning valuable lessons along the way. Check out the Night Time Badges – PJ masks are on their way to save the day!

Entertainment is one
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