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This is the Android version of one of the most popular apps on Windows Phone with millions of users. The application allows you to control a remote PC on the same network.

We believe you can enjoy your media content on your PC from the comfort of a sofa, bed or any other room. We want you to sit back and enjoy your multimedia without being surrounded by keyboards and mice. Use this app as a mouse and keyboard to control your remote PC.

Key benefits:
Ouse Mouse: Left, Right Click, Scrolling, Zooming, Drop N Drop, Multiple Finger Gestures
Board Keyboard: Control, Shift, Alt, Tab, Function and other special keys with full keyboard support.
Volume control
• Remote computer
Windows Media Center
June 6
ITunes, Spotify, Media Player Classic, XMBC, VLC, Netflix, Hulu
• PowerPoint remote
Controls Power Control: Shutdown, Logoff, Slip, Hibernate, Monitor on / off etc.
Password protection, encrypted data transfer, domain network support

Features coming soon:
Over Internet connection
File: View / File Transfer
PC Wake up PC
YouTube: Search YouTube for apps and play them on PC with one tap
Custom remote

How to connect:
1. Install PC Remote Server from http://www.pcremoteserver.com on the remote PC you want to control.
2. Open the PC Remote application and connect to the remote PC on the same network.

Required for system:
1. PC remote server running on target PC (install from www.PCRemoteServer.com).
2. The target PC must be connected to the same network (WiFi or Ethernet).
3. The target PC must have Windows XP, or Windows Vista, or Windows, or Windows 7.

What’s new?

New looks and feelings. .
Key strokes sometimes result in a ‘T’ when a bug is fixed

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