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What should solve the problem with the really great shopping list app? Make product purchases a snap! And you get it right when you use Organize to help you with your shopping.

Use Organize to:

Auto quickly add products to your list with our auto-complete feature – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how diverse and complete the organisation’s inventory is.

One Hit items from your list with just one hand – keep the other free to drop off the shelves and place them in your shopping cart.

Shopping Save time using the store’s standard route to get your shopping done quickly and efficiently – Companies automatically group products into your list by store categories / islands.

Choose to see “must buy” products at the top of your list – this is especially helpful for long shopping lists.

Shopping There is no fear of accidentally scattering any item on your shopping list. You will find the organization intuitive and well thought out.

Once you use Organize you will be amazed at how you got away with it!

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(Formerly known as Tote Bag Grocery List App)

What’s new?

Now you can rearrange lists: just long press any list to see the popup menu.

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