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Aptoide is an alternative market for mobile applications that run on Android OS. Simply put, if you’re looking for a new app store to download apps that aren’t available in the Play Store, Aptoide is the next best thing to find new apps. It is an open source independent Android App Store. Unlike the Google Play Store, users run their own stores. Aptoide is community-managed and provides applications through a social experience.

Aptoide is similar to the Google Play Store for downloading apps and games. This app store does not require any registration to use it. However, if you want to write a review, you can register yourself in the application with a simple registration form. You can easily download this app store and download 30,000 apps in its interface with always free updates. One great thing about this app store is that it provides a unique rollback feature that lets users go back to older versions of their favorite apps.

Availability for a large number of apps:

Aptoide is not just a single store, it is actually a store that holds stores. With filtered sections the user has the option to create their own store. Users can find specific stores of different cell phone brands and models and store each of their independent games and apps in their filtered app store. Your apps are downloaded from Apptoid which is also updated from the App Store. Don’t like the updated version of your particular app? Don’t worry about uninstalling the update to go back to previous versions.

Aptoide offers users access to applications with adult content, and you can manage visibility from settings. However, the lack of parental control for Aptoide does not make it an ideal choice as it is suitable for young users.

A fairly standard way to download apps on AppToide like any other App Store.

  1. Use the ‘search box’. Looking for a specific app or tool, then just run a quick search and filter all for the Aptoide user by showing the results.
  2. Explore the various sections to find and then download applications. An editor can browse the likes, most downloads, trends, top apps, etc.

On the other hand to upload apps and games to Aptoide

  1. Use the ‘Create a Store’ option that allows users to create their own store of applications. By clicking on it, configure the store name, theme and description so that it is publicly visible.
  2. Once the store is ready, download it Aptoide Uploader. It helps to upload applications to the store (users can search for it on Aptoide as a shortcut). Download and install it.
  3. This helper will be related to the user’s store. Select the app on your device (any) and take care to get the APK out to convert it to a format compatible with Aptoide.
  4. Finally, when it’s done, go to the store and click on Apps. Here users / uploaders can find the apps they have uploaded to the Appside Store.

Easy to use:

All applications are simple and easy to download and manage Aptoide. Download speeds for apps on AppToide are quite similar to Google Play and roll-back is a plus for this app store. The content of each application is generic and often of low quality. Also, reviews seem to have been copied from Google Play or not written with too much consideration. Aptoide only addresses this issue by labeling government applications green.

A good alternative choice:

If you do not want to download apps from Google Play. Or if your phone model still doesn’t support Google Play, Aptoide is your best choice, along with a huge database of apps and games. However, you can use Androidapksfree As an alternative choice.

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