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What can it do?
.1. To ignore the media, create a “.Nomedia” file in the Media Scanner-enabled directory, so that the store can hide useless and unnecessary media files (images / photos, music, videos) in the gallery, music player, video player and other applications in the media.
.2. Use as a media scanner, find all media files (images / photos, music, videos) on your device and update in the media store, so you can view the media file in galleries, music players, video players and other applications on a media store basis.

কি কি What it is:
This application can help you create or move a file named .nomedia in one
Media files are easily stored in folders. And instantly refresh MediaStore!
n ome What is the .nomedia file?
The .nomedia file prompts the media scanner to ignore the media in the encoded directory and its subdirectories. This prevents Media Scanner from reading your media files (images, videos, audio) through the Media Store content provider and delivering them to other applications (Gallery, Music Player, Video Player, etc.).

If you want to scan all photos / images / music / videos on your device;
If the gallery, media player always loads some pictures, videos or audio which you think is useless, useless.
Then this application may be what you need.

The main purpose of this application is not to show junk media files (which we think) in some applications based on the media store (such as galleries, play music) let files hide and protect your privacy is not a tool because the files are displayed in file manager applications Maybe.

use use How to use:
1. The application will scan images, videos, audio files from the media store and file system and then categorize them into folders.
2. When a folder is “turned on”, it means that the media files in this folder will not be scanned by MediaStore, otherwise it will be scanned.
3. Click Folder Preview to see the details of the folder in the list view.
4. In the grid view, click Preview File. Media can play the file.

. Note: This application may not work on some devices. However you can try it. It is a good idea to check this on trivial files first.

What’s new?

1) Compatible with more devices
2) Fix bugs

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