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The Nike Training Club is your ultimate personal trainer. Get fit with free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga – every exercise and drill features world-class Nike master trainers. Workout anytime, anywhere and track all your activities in the app. From bodyweight exercises to full equipment exercises, discover personalized workout suggestions just for you.

Look for workouts for all levels
The Nike Training Club’s workout library includes:
Body Workout Focusing on Your ABS, Arms, Shoulders, Glutes, and Legs
Ngth workouts for strength, endurance, yoga and mobility
15 Workout time starting from 15-45 minutes
Ner beginner, intermediate and advanced level
Low, medium and high intensity
Only bodyweight, light and complete equipment
• Time-based and re-based options

Get guidance to reach your goals
Workout Collections provides a set of suggested workouts and guides from our Nike trainers and athletes of your choice, including Isaiah Thomas, Julie Artz, Sydney Lerax Duar, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Concentrate on your routine, get advice and guidance from our athletes and coaches, and reach your fitness goals by collecting workouts:
Get Lenner Stronger Abs.
সর্ব Always ready for the beach
Le 6-week guide to getting fat and much more

Work anytime AN
Members of the Nike Training Club prefer our short, bodyweight only workout to get the results they want even after a lifetime.

Recommend to work the proposed personally
Our daily “pick for you” is especially based on your routine. The more you train with the Nike Training Club, the more personalized your suggestions will become.

All your activities
Enter and record your other activities and exercises, such as basketball, spinning, studio classes, and more, so you can keep track of your fitness life.

And don’t forget – Nike Training Club syncs your workouts with Google Fit.

Track your tracks
Run Nike with Run Club, and all your runs will be automatically recorded in your activity history.


No training club premium
Reaching your fitness goals has become easier. We’ve partnered with world-renowned Nike Master Trainers to deliver their results-oriented workouts and programs directly to you. Subscribe now and get 7 days free trial for access:
Ike 4-6 week programs are conducted by Nike Master Trainers
Expert Nutrition and Wellness Guidance for Ind Mindset, Recovery and Sleep
New workout format for on-demand classes and whiteboard workouts for gym-style training

Subscription pricing and terms
The cost of an NTC premium subscription (after any free trial) is 14 14.99 per month (annual subscription $ 119.99). Payment will be made to your Google Play account. There will be a monthly or annual renewal of your subscription (depending on the plan chosen) and a charge for each renewal 24 hours prior to the current subscription period of your Google Play account. Cancel at any time by visiting the Google Play Subscription Center. To avoid auto-renewal charges, cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial (if any) or current subscription period. By subscribing to NTC Premium you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Returns to NTC Premium subscriptions are subject to the Google Play Store policy. Subscriptions to NTC Premium are non-refundable and have no right to refund or credit unless permitted by applicable law or Google Play Store policy.

Greatness is trained. Come train with us and download Nike Training Club today.

What’s new?

You got it. Stay committed to your fitness goals as we focus on improving to maximize our performance.

Add variety to these new free workouts:
Medball crash
Straight-up abs

Add to NTC Premium:
Enhance your training with this new yoga:
Fast heat flow
Athletic yoga flow

Check out the ‘Expert Tips’ section of your Workout tab. We just added:
How to reset between programs
Four Ways to Add to Everyday Life
How to choose the right weight

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