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Nhat Sword Giang Ho – Sword Fighting game is a game online role-playing mobile online game. Players participate in the battle of Tong Kim blood, hunting boss Hoang Kim, Cong Chien and fraternity in the Assembly – the memory memories associated with the generation of children.

The world of real honesty of Nhat kiem giang ho will bring you back to the memories of the sky – Thien Ha alone. With the four major martial arts swords: Giang Gia, Nga My, Con Lon, Thien Son. Transformed into a great union, clambering down the earth, learning and training talents skills and competition won the position of Chief of the extremely special subject that no one game Võ Lâm forestry.



Developed by today’s most innovative 3D graphics technology, true-to-life gameplay will bring you the ultimate in unparalleled gaming experience.


Only in Nhat duong. Participating in the game, the team not only join the sect, hunting for martial arts, but also can compete for the title of the hero in the school.


According to the story of the game, the hero Yoon Fei brother of a lifetime, the military academy he was summarized into the Wong Di Letter. When he lost his trophy, he also wandered the world, becoming something that everyone desires to unify all the people seeking. In order to take over the entire Southern Song Dynasty, Kim Quoc was condemned to the evil of Trung Nguyen, and plotted a dark conspiracy to find the Diocese, stirring up wickedness, causing many crimes to irritate people. In that context, the political factions decided to cooperate with the royal court, find new chieftains of virtue enough, together lead the martial arts of Central Highlands to find Martial Book Diocese, against evil. , prevent the intentions of foreign invaders.

Floating, blurry, waving waves from here …

You are ready to incarnate in the four great sects, join the rescue heroes, the triangular meaning, become the head of the search to find Martial Arts to save money in the mobile phone?

+ Android 4.2 and ram 1GB and above

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