My Town : Haunted House Free APK Download

My Town : Haunted House Free APK Download
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It may look like a regular arrow when the lights are on, but once you turn them off? Boo! As you discover each house, the mansion becomes a new role to play with new characters and explore for hours.
Look for the friendly skeleton and make sure to look for it in every room! A friendly witch is hiding at the end of a secret pass and she is waiting to be found! What’s under the bed? Well check it out!

* Save Mode: My City: The haunted house saves you where you live when you close it, so you can come back to continue your adventure at any time!
* Multi-touch function: Play with friends and family on a single device.
* New Character – If you have My City: Museum, you can bring those games from those games to My Town: Haunted House, so if you need a knight to help fight the witch, you can hold her! If you’re just starting out in My Town, no worries! If you can imagine it, you can make it. Everything is possible in my city: haunted house!

Age group recommended
Although this game has a “haunted house” theme, there is nothing to scare young children. Still, we recommend this game for kids 6 years old or older.

About my Town
My Town Games Studio designs digital doll house-like games that promote creativity and open and play for your kids around the world. Likes kids and parents together, My Town Games presents the environment and experience for hours of fantastic play. The agency has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For more information, please visit

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