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With the MSQRD app you can now edit and modify your photos and videos in real time. The application helps the user to change their facial expressions in real time.


This camera app is easy to use. Follow the steps below.

  • Just move the camera in someone’s face.
  • The app can recognize faces automatically. The camera will change face with itself
  • Masks that the user has already selected from the menu below.
  • The app’s face menu has a variety of masks, including the following few top examples.
  • Obama mask
  • Tiger mask
  • With a large mustache
  • Monkey mask

Share photos and videos on social media:

The facial adaptation technology in this app is almost magical. With the help of this camera app, not only one person can capture pictures but also record short videos. Once photos or videos have been taken and recorded, they can be shared directly from the app to any social media account. Facebook.

Operating system:

The MSQRD app was first launched on iOS and has since moved to Android OS as well. It has been disabled millions of times in iOS and now it is spreading the camera application section in Android OS as well.


  • Users complain that the Android version does not have the same mask as the iOS version.
  • Users have also complained that the updates have reduced the amount of masks on Android whereas iOS has introduced more and more new masks.

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