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MiDas eCLASS – The Learning App APK Download

MiDas eCLASS - The Learning App APK Download

Children from nursery to tenth grade
Using MiDas eCLASS on mobile or computer
Read and understand text-based animated videos
If you don’t understand the lesson or don’t know how to do the homework, you can learn it by asking the teacher at home.
Learn how to write answers and solve numerical problems by watching the answers tutorial video
Learn to enjoy playing text based quizzes and games
Ample sample test questions and answers Practice and prepare well for the test
You publish your created pictures, stories or poems
Compete with your friends in text-based games and quizzes
“The more you read, the more points you earn and using that point you can buy gifts
If you are proficient in your school, district or country, get more gifts

Animated video lessons
Midas E-Class has animated video lessons according to the main subject lesson. These video lessons increase students’ interest in reading and help them understand difficult lessons easily. It prolongs their education.

Even young children enjoy watching these videos to learn how to recognize numbers, letters (A, B, C, ABC) and words and how to pronounce them correctly.

Tutorial class
Videos of experienced teachers teaching how to write answers to difficult questions are available in Media E-Class Students can learn their lessons by watching these videos over and over again.

Quizzes and exercises
Midas E-Class has thousands of text-based quizzes and games. Students can easily learn their lessons by playing these quizzes and games. Text-based quizzes and games increase students’ interest in learning.

Little grandparents can easily learn to recognize numbers, letters (123, A, B, C, ABC) and words by playing these quizzes and games.

You ask, we answer
When students study at home, they may ask if they do not understand or know something by typing or taking pictures in Midas E-Class. Hundreds of experienced teachers are available in Midas E-Class. They teach Midas E-class students as if they are coming home.

Practice test QAs
Sample questions and answers on each topic have been placed in the Midas E-Class to help students prepare for the exam. Students can take a sample test by choosing any subject of their choice. They can compare their answer with the answer given there.

Parents can take a questionnaire from Midas E-Class and give a sample test to their grandparents. You can compare the answer given by grandparents with the answer given there.

Creation and review
In Midas E-Class students show their parents, teachers or friends by publishing a picture, a written story or a poem that encourages them to do better.

Learn, earn points and buy gifts
Points and coins are provided in the Midas E-Class to motivate students to learn. The more they learn in the Midas E-Class, the more points and coins they will get. Using these coins students can buy toys, food, gifts, books or various items.

It gives them the same fun as other games and inspires them to read.

Challenge with a friend
In Midas E-Class, students can compete with their peers in games and quizzes on any subject in their class. They can request any student in the same class to compete.

It makes them competitive among friends and also makes learning fun.

Leader Board
Score sheets are prepared based on the points earned by the students in Midas E-Class. By looking at this scorecard they know their department in their school, district and country. High grade students earn extra points each month. Using these points they can buy additional content.
It inspires them to learn their lessons better.

Performance and progress
Midas E-Class has an analytical report on what, when, how much and what the student has studied. Parents can learn about their children’s reading by looking at this analytical report.

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