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Best Technology Best Application of June 2017 from YouTuber. features of OneTalk:

Continue the conversation while watching Aming gaming or video (great viewing)
Using OneTalk floating bubbles (like chat-headlines), no need to type, just tap and talk to answer. No need to skip games or videos. Focus on the current app.

Voice typing is the most natural input method
Using the OneTalk voice recognition technique, automatically copy your voice to text. This is the best messaging input method!

Les is a great chat gadget for couples
OneTalk is the best messenger among couples. The most convenient way is to use floating bubbles for conversation between couples. Don’t miss a message from someone you love.

Smart walkie talkie (PTT, press to talk)
Enable “Auto Speak”, turn the mobile phone into a smart walkie-talkie.
Compare with the traditional walkie-talkie, we use voice recognition, we copy the voice into the text. It’s easier to browse previous messages from chat history.

Speak Auto talk in new message speak
When you’re at the gym, jogging, driving, or when you can’t read a message, turn on the “Auto Speak” function, OneTalk uses TTS technology (Speech to Text) to automatically communicate the new message. You can focus on what you are doing and there is no need to check your mobile phone immediately. Never miss an important message.

Multiple Support multiple instant messengers
Currently, OneTalk supports 12 major messengers for quick reply messages.
OneTalk is the most helpful app among other similar apps.

Supported instant messages
Facebook Messenger
. WhatsApp
6 lines
Ik kick
Skype under V v8.0
াকা Kakaotalak
Ck slack
Leg Telegram
. Hangouts
Ween in the middle

Ask DJ Bot to play music videos from YouTube
OneTalk AI technology can understand what your order is and play the requested and recommended music video for you. With OneTalk, your phone will be upgraded like a “smart speaker”!

[Copyright Information]

1. All OneTalk music videos are provided by the public third party media service YouTube.
2. To meet YouTube’s Terms of Service, you cannot download YouTube videos via OneTalk and play videos while the player is invisible or the screen is off. OneTalk provides a lock screen mode for playing YouTube videos, it saves both YouTube policy and power.
3. YouTube uses Content ID to protect the author’s copyright. If there is any content that may infringe someone’s copyright, the following link may be used to report the written content:

What’s new?

Updated August 25:
Long press the bubble to send “canned response” and “face text” quickly

September 12: Updated:
More emoji for chat bubbles
2. Open OneTalk Music Player from YouTube Share
3. Support 17 languages ​​for voice recognition

August 18 update:
1. Added “OneTalk Lock Screen Mode” to play YouTube videos
2. Added “bubble box” feature to make chat bubbles more useful

Updated 08 August:
Music Remote- Let your old phone become a smart speaker!

July 28. Update:
“Lyrics Finder” has been added to the DJ

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